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Monetize Virtual Currency

RevSnapp is a USER RETENTION focused Virtual Currency monetization Platform that enables MOBILE APP, GAME, SOCIAL and WEB publishers to extract real REVENUE from their virtual economies simply, QUICKLY and reliably.

Monetize & Profit

Monetize virtual currency by allowing your users to take part in ad offers, make direct purchases, complete surveys and shop online.

Powerful Analytics

Gain actionable insights from our advanced analytics tools and transparent, real-time reporting.

Offer Optimization

Maximize your performance using the Revsnapp targeting engine or our self-serve testing tool.

Security & Reliability

Cutting edge security and fraud detection systems to reduce fraud by 80% or more.


By simply doing a cut-and-paste Revsnapp implementation, any online community can enable users to seamlessly inject real revenue into the application exchange for virtual currency or goods.

Common implementations are for Mobile & Social Games to give users access to points without having to purchase them with cash. Create a FREE account and start generating revenue now.


Name brand offers, spectacular results. Learn more about Revsnapp advertisers.